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Diamonds Sport Klub is a well known Hungarian floorball team established in 2004. In the beginning, we had only one team, but that one sparkled through Europe from Slovenia to Sweden. Diamonds was the first Hungarian team to appear in Falun on the Viking Line Cup, to reach international success in the Netherlands, and mentioning only the most shiny results, to become the Champions of Austria. Younger brothers seeing their elder brothers’ success, started to play quickly, so the Klub had to start organising youth teams. The youth and the oldest teams made their appearance in several international cups during the years (Czech Open, Ostrava Fat Pipe Cup, Prague Games, Stupava Cup, etc.). “Finally”, Diamonds SK reached the bronze medal position in the 1st league of the Hungarian Floorball Championships in the season of 2007/2008, becoming the third best team of the country starting from enthusiastic primary school students within less than five years. The Diamonds have also played in the final of the Hungarian Cup in 2007. Now that’s a success-story! And it’s not over…
In the ongoing season, the team is sponsored by X3M, so our official name in 2008/2009 is Diamonds X3M Team. This year, the management (a bit surprisingly) decided to have a season in the 2nd league, which is better for team-building, as younger and less qualified players have a lot more chance to play here as they would do in the 1st league. Now, as the first third of the season have passed and the team is still unbeaten, this decision seems to be definitely good. We have three complete lines with all the players having their time on the court even during the hardest clash. Besides the adult team (which is also very young, less then half of the players is older than 18), we have several U teams of rising generations, playing with high chances to get into the top three of their championships. Diamonds are shining through the country…
Managing the team would not be possible without the help (and loud cheer) of parents, so thank you all!